Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Back in Time

Hello !

it's sad when one of your friend said that they don't want to be friend with you anymore. yea. sedih. and it's really happen to me. ya i'm facing the reality now. how sad it was. memujuk diri sendiri dengan berkata "kadang-kadang kita tak boleh berkawan dengan semua orang sebab tak semua orang nak berkawan dengan kita" . just my thought. i thought. for certain reason that i can't make it and then u make up your mind. why we can't be just like yesterday ? u share something. and i ask u something. i can laugh when i'm thinking of u. haha. but now -.-

i'm ask why ?
why we can't be friend anymore ?
i cried all night alone.
i think, but didn't get the answer.
actually i know what the answer.
and i have to face it.
just be strong.
and pretend that all will be ok
then assume that u will ok too.
and i hope that one day i can smile when i see u.
and u can smile back to me.
no hurt felling.
zero zero.
and can we start again ? please !
i'm regret for all that i have done.
ya i'm talking about u.

just my silly hope :") thank u !

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