Monday, 22 October 2012

My New License

Hello There !

Officially now i'm a part of businesswoman community in my campus. ahak !

Why do i say so ?
This is because, i just got my business license last two week. em.. i guess. hehe

 Why should i have this license?
With this license its allow me to run a business legally in the campus.
and yes almost students are doing their business in the campus but they don't have any license.
Whatever la if they want to sell keropok lekor, nasi lemak, dadih, jajan, kerepek, kain batik, kain pasang and so on la kan.

Where and how to apply this license ?
Anyone can apply this license at HEP. (Jabatan Hal Ehwal Pelajar UUM) and ask them for the form.
Actually with this license, students can do their business freely, anywhere and anytime.
Anybody can apply this license if they want, but of course you must make sure that you are the uum student first maaa.

with this license also it will make you feel very professional. ehem. 
(perasan koperat sangat) haha

Cost for applying this license ?
For student its just cost you about RM 5. really cheap right.
This license B just for doing business without premises.
but if you want to open a small shop in campus you have to apply another license.
This license are valid for one semester only.
for continue to the next semester you must apply it again at HEP. 

What the advantage for applying this licence B?
The interesting part is you can make a loan with HEP in order to expand your business.
So, you all no need to worry about initial capital.

How much the loan they will give ?
 Go to Hep and ask them by yourself -.-

 License B 
(i don't know what letter B stand for. B is stand for 'Business' or 'Bear' or Bagus'. maybe la) hehe -.-

kesan bokeh sememangnya disengajakan. ngeee ;p

i have to admit that i'm doing all this because of my ko-k. of the sake of my ko-k (double mention) ;p
but i think this is not really bad la kan. haha. i can gain new experience what. ^^
really appreciate it. suka ko-k. ngeee

p/s : i'm not ambassadors of HEP also not sponsored by them. hahaha ;)
       lepas ni rasa nak pi ambil lesen kapal terbang pulak la. hoho
       (English tunggang-langgang macam tongkang pecah)*sorry

-details we both forget to mention- My Goot

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