Monday, 30 April 2012

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bonjour !

Do I have to say the word - Bryan Adams

I'm wondering . what word should I say ? What word ?

Actually this is hard for me to say that word. and for some reason i can't say that word. Because i'm to shy. but deep inside in my heart i'm feel that word. but i can't express it through the word . Why ? Because i'm toooo shy.  Shy to say it out loud. 


Through out my life, I never being away from my family especially from my mak. But i'm not that manja like "anak mak " hoho. first time i'm stayed away from them is when I go into the university . but it is still in Kedah, UUM. I can back home every week if I want. hee
So, it doesn't make me feel like i'm really going back to 'kampung' for every semester break, and because of this  I always being the last person to go back home. 

After we studying three semester in uum, my friend and I make an decision to continue our fourth semester in ums. why ? this is what we call suratan takdir. : )

now  i'm really stayed away from my family and friends. (ok you assume that i'm in Korea right now ;p)
i'm more often call my mak, that I never done it before when im stay at uum. ya serious. and for the first time in my life im say to my mak that precious word, that will never come out from my mouth.
 ya I said I love you mak ! ^^  tsk. tsk.

to my makcikss and kakakss that always say that they love me. and now I said I Love You Too ^^
:') *mukamerahpadam

it's never too late to show your love

walau kita jauh berbatu, now i can say I Love You ^^

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