Monday, 16 May 2011

Thank You Teacher !

Hello There !!

Haa...u know what day is today ? What ? u dont know ? is i need to write my entry in English.
ok i will try my best...
ok2 let me tell all of u.
16 Mei
Today is Teachers Day laaa...

During this special day i would like to thanks to all my teacher that had a hard time with me during my school time. haha
Trillons thanks to my primary and secondary school teachers and also to my lecturer at uum.
At Limau, Sk Kulim, Smk. St. Patrick and my last school is Smjk Chio Min.
Thanks a lottttttt.....

I will never forget what u have done for me.
Even if you have fogotten me.
it ok.

My kindergarten or tadika teacher ???
Sorry....I never went to kindergarten or tadika.

p/s : Teacher BI cek mesti bangga sebab cek boleh tulih dalam BI walaupun sometime broken.
sorry tak dapat nak selitkan nama suma cikgu kat sini..banyak sangat..hehe

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